Lee Andrew Dunn

1097856_10151556021095418_785085607_oWelcome to my virtual home. I am a member of the ILETS Research and Teaching Group.

ILETS (Interdisciplinary Learning, Education, Technology and Society) is part of the School of Education, based within The College of Social Sciences, at The University of Glasgow.

We search for opportunities to work in ‘interdisciplinary’ ways. This includes doing leading edge research and knowledge transfer where ‘fields converge’, taking our expertise beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, and communicating our innovations to colleagues in other professions and contexts. We explore issues which continue to dominate our political, personal, social and professional lives – sometimes in complex ways.

Learning and Education with technologies is also a central interest of the Group, and provides a strong added dimension to the scholarship opportunities available to members. The scope of the Group includes higher education and schools; our vision is international and inclusive. There are opportunities to link curriculum, research, and CPD expertise, and participate in new open access e-Journal work focused on the intellectual and practitioner interests of group members as these evolve.

If you would like to learn more about our work, please visit our website at http://www.ilets.eu


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Social Media 2013 18th International Conference on Education Technology – Hong Kong August 2013 – image source www.socialmedia2013.org