In light of the impending results of the Spending Review 2010, I wanted to write something about education and the public services which deliver to people. Audit Scotland recently announced that public sector governance was clunky and in my words, not fit for purpose in the 21st Century. It really annoys me (and it usually takes a lot) when we (as professionals) rattle on to them (our professional colleagues) that change is inevitable and is needed in order to make progress when, even under the auspices of continuous improvement, those at the highest levels don’t always acknowledge that change is also required across the entire organisation. Rant over! For now…

I’m really interested in this area as it has Curriculum for Excellence written all over it and is an opportunity that can’t be missed. I’ll have a go at laying out my own strategic vision on the future of services to people.

This will replace the previously mentioned (in the Education Service for a 21st Century post) piece of work that I promised to carry out. I have decided to deliver this rather large (and important!) vision for change across four posts to be called Service Synergy Part 1, 2 and so on…

  • Living Within Our Means
  • Enabling and Empowering People
  • Delivering Outcomes
  • Portfolio Parity

My concepts are by no means perfect (or I’d be rich beyond belief) and as a reflective practitioner, I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!


Posted by Lee Dunn

Academic Staff University of Glasgow and Author of Science Fiction

One Comment

  1. Siobhan Ellot 16 Oct 2010 at 7:10 am

    Hi Lee thanks this looks interesting I’m looking forward to reading your installments.

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