Some of you will be familiar with my work around the National Indicator on the Positive and Sustained Destinations of School Leavers in Scotland. I’ve recently produced some material for the Employability In Scotland website which includes some detail on Young People and Transitions to Employment.

I have established a national Community of Practice for Partnership Information, which you can read about below. Please keep checking this website for updates over the coming weeks.

The Scottish Government continues to accord high priority to the development of data-driven and intelligence-led approaches to supporting all young people into a positive destination.  Although separate and discrete elements, data management within the context of 16+ Learning Choices and More Choices, More Chances are both integral components of the wider infrastructure and are complimentary to each other.  As such the harmonious elements are now referred to as Partnership Information.

There are three levels of data; that which informs individual support and intervention for young people, information analysis for local planning of provision and service delivery and national, aggregated data which informs statistical analysis.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) as our national skills body, is building a 16+ Learning Choices Data Hub on behalf of The Scottish Government, which will articulate a range of data on young people, their career aspirations and their current learning pathway.  This will be used to support them into an initial, positive, post-16 destination and into subsequent destinations during the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence (broadly 15 -18). The 16+LC Data Hub will allow us to monitor and track the journey that all eligible learners will make.

It is an ambitious project, one of the largest in the world, which will see information sharing between SDS, local authorities, schools, colleges and various other organisations which work with young people.

The CoPPI facilitates opportunities to share approaches, experience, and data analysis, as well as, concrete possibilities for jointly undertaking programs and projects for capacity building and continuous improvement.. This includes practitioners from schools, Skills Development Scotland and local authorities, though anyone is welcome to join. The CoPPI is a platform where data on 16+ Learning Choices and More Choices More Chances can be jointly discussed within the framework of a national approach and builds upon exisitng networks which are already in place.

The aim of the CoPPI is to develop joined up approaches to Partnership Information which supports all young people into a positive destination upon leaving school and to sustain employment and lifelong learning. It includes access to resource materials and presentations from a series of local events which will be held across Scotland in March, April and May 2011.

Read more about Young People and Transitions to Employment or alternatively, wait for the new revised Young People 16-24 section which will shortly appear on the Scottish Government website. I’ll post a link on Twitter once it has officially been published.


Posted by Lee Dunn

Academic Staff University of Glasgow and Author of Science Fiction

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