This graphic was recently sent to me from a colleague from the United States. I decided to upload it to my blog as I believe it to be a great illustration of today’s education system; indeed some of the proportional facts and figures will ring true for most ‘developed’ nations, where the education systems are floundering under global economic pressure and socio-cultural shifts in ethos and learning and teaching practice.

Advances in technology and teaching pedagogy have seen significant advantages to our children and young people – and more importantly in their outcomes. Unfortunately, the back end of the education system tends to be focussed in the wrong place and as such, one needs to ask whether we really do have a curriculum which delivers for the 21st Century.

The source of this graphic (which isn’t mine) is a comprehensive resource designed to help current and prospective students learn about the many educational opportunities and higher degree programs available within the United States. The graphic can be accessed here:


Posted by Lee Dunn

Academic Staff University of Glasgow and Author of Science Fiction