UNESCO Iraq office located in Amman, Jordan is currently recruiting for a Consultant to conduct implementation and training for a Labour Survey in Baghdad, Iraq. 

In Phase One, the project will prepare five diagnostic papers to develop under Phase Two of the project a National Agricultural Investment Strategy and a National Agricultural Policy. Large components of the research work will be conducted by the Policy and Strategy Support Unit (PSSU), to be established in the Ministry of Agriculture, with Technical Assistance being provided by FAO and other implementing agencies. The PSSU will deliver policy recommendations and papers to the National Agricultural Policy Working Group who will debate policy issues and report to the Inter Ministerial Task Force. Policy decisions will be made by the Inter Ministerial Task Force.

UNESCO will supervise, in partnership with FAO, the design and implementation of a high quality labour survey of the agricultural industry (including primary production, food processing, distribution and other associated sectors), to form the development of a National Agricultural Policy and a National Agricultural Investment Strategy, aimed at increasing economic growth and employment, as well as acting as a baseline study for the monitoring and evaluation of the initiatives. 

The labour component of the I-AGES survey will complement other non-sector specific surveys that are conducted in Iraq, and in particular: the Central Statistics Organization’s (CSO) Labour Force Survey (LFS), and the Iraq Knowledge Network (IKN) survey. For this purpose, the present exercise will cover indicators that are required for the development of such an agricultural policy in the country and rural employment promotion initiatives.

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