When you’re working toward a degree, chances are you’ll take all the help you can get to make your studies just a little bit easier.  If you’ve searched high and low for some assistance in completing your homework assignments, you’re not alone.  But sometimes, the things that lend a helping hand are more surprising than you’d think.  For instance, trying a little music therapy on yourself might be the key to acing that next exam.  You might not always notice it, but music is all around—from the stereo in your car to the music piped in at department stores.  And you also may not be aware that music has a wide array of impacts on your health: Studies show that music has a strong effect on your mood levels and emotions, and also on how you think and your general intelligence.  The music you listen to can have a profound effect on your test scores and your ability to quickly process information.  And if you’ve ever played an instrument, studies show that you’re already ahead of the curve.  Playing an instrument is a great way to test out your creative thinking and push your brain to process information in a new way.  The following infographic takes a look at the notion that whether you’re listening or playing, a little music can go a long way.

Another great piece from Online Colleges and a special thanks to Peter Kim for supplying this guest article.


Posted by Lee Dunn

Academic Staff University of Glasgow and Author of Science Fiction

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