If you’re currently pursuing an online education, you’re probably quickly becoming more and more familiar with the pressures of student life. From late night study sessions to early morning test cramming, pursuing an education is stressful. College-aged individuals today do have one major advantage over college students of the past, however: Forget the influence of technology or the conveniences of the modern day, today’s college students are getting more parental input than ever. Studies show that for students and young adults in the millennial generation, parents have reached unprecedented levels of involvement. From where to attend school to what courses to take, parents insist on being involved in their kids’ choices. If this sounds like your parents, you’re probably very familiar with just how far parents like to take their commitment to being involved. But take a look at the following infographic, and you’ll find that for some millennials, parental involvement might not just be a detriment to their independence and maturity, it can be downright embarrassing. Parents today are stepping in, speaking out, and making themselves heard in some surprising—and often inappropriate—arenas in their child’s life. It’s one thing to guide a child through elementary school, junior high, and even high school, but when this “helicopter parenting” starts to bleed over into the workplace, it’s time for parents to pump the brakes.

Supplied by Peter Kim, www.onlinecollege.org

Hovering Parents in the Workplace Infographic


Posted by Lee Dunn

Academic Staff University of Glasgow and Author of Science Fiction

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