On Friday 19th April, I attended the 6th Annual University of Glasgow Learning and Teaching Conference #GU2013LTC. I participated in a variety of workshops based on social networking and eLearning. Interestingly, the discussions seemed to support the findings from my own recent study on social media as a construct to aide learning. I presented a poster at the conference which is now available on University of Glasgow Enlighten.

Here is the abstract:

Higher Education (HE) teaching practices have evolved over the last twenty years, with more emphasis on student-centred pedagogy. There is an increased expectation placed onto the role that technology can play to harness effective learning. However, one could argue that there remains disconnect between our ambition for interactive learning through technology and the realities of our practice (Roblyer et al, 2010). This study explores the concept of interactive learning by focusing upon a specific use of mobile and portable technology. The role of social media may offer a new construct to enhance the learning experience.

You can access the poster (open access) via Enlighten by navigating to Publications:

Dunn, L.   (2013) Teaching in higher education: can social media enhance the learning experience?    In: 6th Annual University of Glasgow Learning and Teaching Conference, 19th Apr 2013, Glasgow, UK.


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