Free Webinar – Using Technology to Engage Learning, Communication & Relationships

Thursday, January 29, 2015

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London)

How can educators, practitioners and parents best use technology in natural environments to include children with developmental and learning differences? In this webinar, Tamara Kaldor will share strategies for using technology to support children affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD), sensory processing disorders (SPD), communication disorders, learning disabilities, and other developmental differences. Discover how technology can be used as a successful intervention strategy to improve development in the areas of:

  • Communication and learning
  • Expressive language
  • Language comprehension
  • Following routines
  • Making transitions
  • Processing/expressing emotions

Learn about high quality, professionally-tested digital tools and strategies on how to use them to support children’s social-emotional development, engagement and learning. UDL principles (Universal Design for Learning) will also be discussed in assessing apps and websites. Tamara will field questions from attendees during this live, interactive event.

Details and free registration here: http://www.instantpresenter.com/AccountManager/RegEv.aspx?PIID=ED56DC87804E

2015 Student Technology Conference

You may also be interested in another event via Global Education Conference – 2015 Student Technology Conference.The 2015 Student Technology Conference provides an international forum for the presentation, discussion and sharing of educational technology in schools and other academic settings. This conference, by students in grades 6-12 and for all, is committed to fostering a better understanding of how students use technology in education and to engage students, teachers and administrators in a conversation about technology, assisting teachers and administrators in understanding how students use technology both in and out of the classroom, and strengthening the relationship between students, teachers and administrators about technology in the curriculum.

Details here: http://studenttechnologyconference.com/page/attending-schedule


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