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Global Collaboration Day #VET

Please see the post below for details. This was sent via the UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Experts Forum. I decided to share as it may be of interest to some of you. Dear Colleagues, It is my […]

International Society for Technology in #Education Conference #edtech

Each year hundreds of educators interested in social media, technology, teaching, and learning gather to build and participate in “unplugged”-style activities as a part of the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference. Saturday, June 22rd – HACK […]

20 Things You Can Do Today To Set Your Classroom Up For Success

Teachers spend a  lot of time getting the classroom ready, planning lessons, and getting to know  students. The following list includes 20 ideas that you may not have  thought of in terms of a successful classroom […]

How The World Uses Social Media

Most infographics touch on the rough edges of data. They dabble in studies and research. Not this one. It dives in and relishes the massive amount of information on how the world uses social networks. […]

20 Apps for Game-Based Learning – Guest Article via @jdeneen4

This article was composed by Julie DeNeen and was supplied to me by a colleague in Australia – Dirk Tiu – enjoy! Even though older adults might still carry a negative association with video […]

School Leadership Summit 2013

The Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL) and I are pleased to announce the inaugural worldwide and online School Leadership Summit, Thursday, March 28th, 2013 ( This free conference will be held online and […]

Libraries are Forever: E-books and Print Books Can Coexist

If you can remember the day you first learned to read, you probably recall that profound sense of accomplishment that came from sounding out the words in your favorite storybooks.  But whether you’re 15 or […]

Guest Article: Why we’re all TED Heads!

No one can deny that is one of the most successful and iconic idea-sharing platforms online. Since 2006, TED Talk videos have racked up over 800 million views. And it’s no surprise these videos […]

18 Graduate Programs Embracing Games

Graphic and article provided by Thanks to an ever richer assortment of educational games, students at nearly all levels of schooling are getting the chance to learn while having fun, experimenting, and practicing essential […]

Massive Open Online Courses: The next big thing in Education?

Thanks again, to Peter Kim for supplying this guest article. If you haven’t already heard: MOOCs are the next big thing in education. So what are they? The acronym stands for Massive Open Online Courses. […]

#GlobalEd12 Global Education Conference – Everyone is invited to participate!

The 2012 worldwide virtual Global Education Conference as well as the iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit will kick off next month during International Education Week (November 12-16, 2012). We invite you to join our […]

Guest Article – The Problem with Hovering: When Helicopter Parents invade the workplace

If you’re currently pursuing an online education, you’re probably quickly becoming more and more familiar with the pressures of student life. From late night study sessions to early morning test cramming, pursuing an education is […]

Music makes you smarter and can help you to study!

When you’re working toward a degree, chances are you’ll take all the help you can get to make your studies just a little bit easier.  If you’ve searched high and low for some assistance in […]

Guest Article – Why Standardized Tests Don’t Make Sense

Thanks to Peter Kim, Accredited Online Colleges for writing this article and supplying the info graphic. Do you want to submit a guest article? Send it to me at or use my contact […]

Invitation for a guest writer! Can you contribute to my blog?

Everyday, I am encouraged to discover a variety of educational posts and articles created and promoted across social media. I have decided that the time is now right to invite guest writiers to add their […]