Research & Scholarship

My research and scholarship interests are focused on education, technology and future life. Working with colleagues in the School of Humanities, School of Engineering and School of Computer Science, I am exploring a range of themes based on:

  • Global catastrophic risk, existential events and the role that education has within utopian, dystopian and mytopian society;
  • The impact of emerging technologies on society, from a moral, ethical and technological perspective;
  • Macrostrategy, resilience and the future of humanity through policy, leadership and management;
  • Social media and interactive platforms for online and located collaboration;
  • Society, technology and learning, including but not limited to virtual worlds, augmented reality and machine intelligence;
  • Pedagogies of Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT);
  • eSports and Competitive Gaming;
  • Teacher Education and Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics.


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