Hons Masters & PHd Supervision

Current Supervision

I supervise several Honours students, studying Design and Technology Education and two PhD students:

  • Omar Alshehri (2016) The Role of Technology in Education (Joint with Professor Vic Lally, The School of Education);
  • Afaf Al-Matairi (2016) The Impact of Blogs on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Joint with Dr Frank Hopfgartner, Advanced Technology and Information Institute and Dr Yunhyong Kim, Digital Humantities and Information Management, The School of Humanities)


Previous Examples of Supervision

  • Cullen, M. (2016) How do Scotland’s Technologies teachers interact with research to inform their practice?
  • Crosbie, N. (2016) Is cooperative learning an effective technique within the Design and Technology Department?
  • Carballo, S. (2016) From a Technical Teachers perspective, does inclusion work to it’s full potential?
  • Madigan, H. (2016) The impact of collaborative partnership for guiding young people towards a positive destination after school.
  • Craigmyle, J. (2015) Teaching Technology Today: Teachers’ Perspectives and Practices.
  • Donnelly, B. (2015) Can Music Impact the Intellectual & Personal Development of Pupils, when used in a Classroom Environment?
  • Dunlop, S. (2015) Integration of Digital Art by Tablet PC in Technological Education.
  • Duthie, I. (2015) The state of creativity within Scottish Education: An argument for transformative pedagogy and innovative practice in Technology Education.
  • Reid, K. (2015) What Would the Use of Social Networking Sites Bring to Technology Subjects in Secondary Schools?.
  • Anderson, K. (2014) Learning and teaching styles for the new curriculum.
  • Brown, G. (2014) Design and Technology through the broad general education: A comparison of attitudes and perceptions looking at the transition from primary to secondary school.
  • Buchanan, P. (2014) ‘Ghost Children’; Recognising and including those pupils who prefer to sit in the shadows.
  • Christie, H. (2014) A Change in Pedagodgy from Learning With Technology to Learning Through Technology. .
  • Cooper, S. (2014) As STEM education becomes a priority internationally are schools making good use of industry links to promote this subject.
  • McCrorie, A. (2013) Progression and career aspirations through Technological Education: How can we improve pupil attitudes and perceptions?
  • McKernan, C. (2013) Gender equity in Technological Education: measuring the impact on pupil behaviour, attitude and disposition.
  • McLean, G. (2013) Pupil motivation within Technological Education: Measuring disaffection between genders.
  • McMurdo, C. (2013) Cooperative Learning through Design and Technology: The benefits for young people with Additional Support Needs.
  • McShane, A. (2013) How effective is homework in reinforcing learning?