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UNESCO-IBE Annual Forum on Education Assessment

United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organisation – International Bureau of Education Annual Forum – “The Role of Assessment in Promoting the Development of Student’s Competencies”  22 November-10 December 2010‏

The IBE Community of Practice in Curriculum Development (COP) Annual forum will be held from 22 November – 10 December 2010. The focus this year will be on The Role of Assessment in Promoting the Development of Student’s Competencies. Through a discussion paper and a series of weekly questions aimed to stimulate reflection and discussion, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with international colleagues and I’ll include some insights on my blog through a series of posts. Chances are, I may well be asking you for some advice and information so if you’re reading this, please share and encourage your networks to follow me (Twitter @leeandrewdunn); the more expertise and experience that I can tap into the better!

There will be a different topic related to assessment each week. Here’s what to expect:

  • Week 1 – What are the current issues and visions relating to the improvement of assessment formats, as seen from the perspectives of teachers, researchers and other education stakeholders.
  • Week 2 – What are the implications of assessment approaches based on testing for certification in the teaching/learning processes and outcomes.
  • Week 3 – What kind of assessment practices could play a positive role in the development of student competencies?

Apologies, I now need to add a boring but essential disclaimer; please note that any related posts, tagged UNESCO, although topical and based mostly on assessment in the Scottish education system and under the auspices of Curriculum for Excellence are directly linked to my personal and professional role as a member of the IBE Community of Practice and is not linked in anyway to The Scottish Government. All the source data is within the public domain and where expressed, opinions are my own.

Are you taking part in the Global Education Conference?

November 15-19 2010

I’m supporting the Global Education Conference; please do participate, either to present (not too late!) or to listen to what our international colleagues have to say on education in their respective countries. 

The 2010 Global Education Conference will be held November 15 – 19, 2010, online and free.  Sessions will be held in multiple time zones and multiple languages over the five days.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn and reflect. It is free (always a bonus!) and as it can be difficult getting away from the day job to attend conferences in a time of economic contraint, the webinar sessions are a selling factor. I really believe in sharing experiences and effective practice as part of our continuing professional development.

The conference is a collaborative and world-wide community effort to significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting education activities and initiatives.

For more information, check out http://www.globaleducationconference.com and yes, please DO TWEET THIS POST!