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Embrace The Technology: My article on Digital Culture in GTCS Teaching Scotland Magazine Issue 67

Digital Learning and Teaching is The Responsibility For All

My article on digital technology as a responsibility for all teachers, has now been published in Teaching Scotland magazine. The article explores the culture of learning and teaching through the use of digital technologies, making a few recommendations on how we can better integrate this important aspect of the curriculum into our schools. You can access the article via the General Teaching Council Scotland website or directly from this post by clicking the image below.

Dunn, L. (2017) Embrace The Technology: Digital learning and teaching is the responsibility for all in Teaching Scotland, issue 67. pp18-19. General Teaching Council Scotland.


GTCS Consultation: Framework on Teacher Competence

The General Teaching Council Scotland is consulting on proposed changes to the Code of Practice on Teacher Competence (CPTC), which has been in force since September 2002. It is intended to rename the CPTC as the Framework on Teacher Competence (FTC).

The new FTC provides a more detailed background and context and sets out its purpose and scope more clearly than its predecessor. It also clarifies that the FTC applies only to fully registered teachers, as there are different and separate provisions to manage under-performance of provisionally registered teachers.

The FTC also complies with the provisions and terminology of the Order, in particular the changes required as a result of the new Fitness to Teach framework.

It is proposed no longer to include a full copy of the SFR with the FTC.  This is proposed on the proviso that clear web link references to the current SFR are included within the FTC itself.

The reasons for this change are to:

  • make the FTC itself a more concise and focused document
  • ensure that the FTC is ‘future-proofed’ and include reference to the most up-to-date version of the SFR

The Proposals in detail

Stage 1

  1. Stage 1 should be renamed “Preliminary” (previously “Informal” in CPTC). This is for sake of clarity and also to better reflect the nature of the Stage 1 process.
  2. A new part (a) has been introduced for the purpose of clarity and fairness.

Stage 2

A new part (a) has been introduced for the purpose of clarity and fairness.

Stage 3

No changes.

Stage 4

This section has been amended to reflect the wording of the Order and of the GTC Scotland Fitness to Teach and Appeals Rules 2012. 

You can download the draft FTC here. Details on consultation can be found on www.gtcs.org.uk