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The Scottish Government Consultation on Student Fees

 The “Student Fees (Specification) (Scotland) Order 2011”

The Scottish Government has published proposals for secondary legislation to change the way in which higher education tuition fees are applied to students who normally live in another part of the UK outside Scotland (RUK). This will be achieved through legislative changes made by secondary legislation and an associated condition attached to any grant paid by the Scottish Ministers to the Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council (SFC) in terms of section 9 of the 2005 Act.

The future policy on higher education tuition fees for students who are domiciled in another part of the UK outwith Scotland (referred to as ” RUK-domiciled students”) who attend Scottish universities will be determined by the Scottish Government, following consideration of responses to the consultation process on both the policy proposals and this interim EQIA.

Details on the consultation can be found here…